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Well look no further than  The site has been designed to offer a fully searchable database of all charities, whether they are British or Foreign and wish to get involved in issues relating to the Charity Sector and has no commercial interest.  To register your charity, please go to the above website and click on the link, "Add Your Charity IT's FREE", providing us with all your information:


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If you decide to register your charity for definite, please go ahead and submit your information in the normal way and it will be added to the database, however if you're not interested in having an entry created on our site, we would appreciate it very much, if you don't submit any promotional material about your charity, such as a newsletter, unless it has been asked for, new submissions only please.

It would also be helpful, if you could keep an eye on the date as to when your Charity Library Website Entry was added and should it need updating at anytime, then send us the updated information via the website and your old entry will be deleted.  Remember, our motto is, "If you help us, We'll help you" and that's a promise.

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