Charity: The Owls Trust

The Owls Trust
Pam Broughton
(01492) 870719
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Bodafon Farm Park, Llandudno, Wales, UK, LL30 3BB
United Kingdom

The Owls Trust, based at Bodafon Farm Park, Llandudno, is a small charity doing a big and important job. There are three main strands to our work. Firstly, we provide rescue and rehabilitation to injured birds of prey. We nurse the wild birds back to health and, when they are ready we release them back into a suitable habitat. There is an increasing “fashion” of caging large owls and birds of prey as “pets”. Unfortunately very few of such owners have the space or commitment to care effectively for these magnificent creatures and we are often asked to step in to rescue them. These birds are frequently distressed and in poor condition. We give them permanent homes with us where they can regain a good quality of life in more spacious and appropriate surroundings suitable to their specie. Our second activity is to educate young people and older groups about our local birds of prey, their place in our environment and how we can maintain their habitats to protect the bio-diversity of our countryside. We believe that to become excited about conserving something you have to see what you are hoping to conserve. Meeting one of our owls can make that difference. Finally, we work with international partners to create and maintain breeding stocks of the world’s rarest owls. When imperiled habitats can be restored and protected, we will be able to enhance threatened populations or even reintroduce new groups. We have just been gifted a Pel’s Fishing Owl, a specie that has never set foot on UK soil, for Educational purposes. This owl is just a year old and has been hand reared for us in Italy by the only breeder of these owls in the world. Hopefully it will become an excellent ambassador for its species in the future.


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