Charity: Garram Children's School-Orphanage & Rehabilitation Centre

Garram Children's School-Orphanage & Rehabilitation Centre
Garram Children’s School and Orphanage
Tom-Tom Village, Garram District, 3, Zam Road , Garram District Kanke LGA , Plateau, P .O. Box 6139, Anglo-Jos 930007, Plateau State, , Garram, 930007
Children / Youth

Garram children school is an a Nigerian Educational & Rehabilitation Centre having charitable status . It was set up with take-off grants from the Ella Lyman Charitable Trust, USA in 1995. It has Tax- Exempt status from: 1) Plateau State Government in 1996,Ref: S/BIR/53/vol.1/79 , 2) The Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja in 2012. Ref: CAC/IT/NO 58329 Aims and objectives for the advancement of education, relief of the needy children- it Offers free education for all orphans and physically challenged children who otherwise would live abandoned without education in the community. Activities Improves on the conditions of the 12,000 people of Garram Community, through programs in four areas: i) Education, ii) Health care, iii) Community services, iv) Human welfare, At Garram Children’s School, small fees (GBP£7) are paid according to the following need formula, per term : i.If the parents of a child are all dead[both father and mother are dead] the child is a complete orphan and has FREE Education from nursery to secondary, ii.If only the father is dead, the child is termed a-half orphan and pays only Half of the fees and the school takes responsibility for the other half iii.If only the mother is dead, the child is termed a-quarter orphan and pays Three-Quarters of the fees. The school pays the other quarter iv. All PHYSICALLY Challenged children Garram Children's School does not enjoy any grant from the government of Nigeria local or national. Although some parents can afford modest fees the majority cannot and the School has to seek funds and materials from charitable and humanitarian organizations, primarily US or UK based, to survive.


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