Charity: WellChild (UK)

WellChild (UK)
Jenny Lynton
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16 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK, GL50 3DA
United Kingdom
Children / Youth
WellChild is the new name for Children Nationwide. WellChild is a charity with a simple aim. To make children better. All sick children. Since 1977, WellChild has been the UKs leading medical research charity for children funding research at Hospitals and Centres of Excellence across all areas of childhood illnesses including meningitis, cancer, autism, premature birth, diabetes, Downs Syndrome, liver disease, rare disorders and pain - in fact any that blight the life of a child. We have made significant advances in many areas, developing new treatments and cures as well as new ways to minimise the stress and trauma of treatment to ensure children grow into healthy adults. We also offer support and information services. These include Wellchild childrens Nurses to help treat and support chronically ill children in their own homes; a Helpline, (0845 122 8636) to provide confidential information and advice to children, their carers and families and healthcare professionals; a children Health Website ( giving information and signposting to more detailed advice; and Helping Hands, a network of volunteers to provide assistance to families with sick children.

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