What is Charity Library?


CharityLibrary.uk.com is an Internet Directory of Charitable Organisations on the web.  If you wish to view your entry, start by going to the Charity Library Website, http://www.charitylibrary.uk.com and clicking on the link, "All Charities", this will enable you to scroll down the page, until you come to your listing, or alternatively, you can type your charity name, "As Above", into the Filter Area, followed by a click on the link, "Search" and your entry will appear on the screen immediately. 

Should you wish to search again, delete the charity you previously searched for in the Filter Area, then type in the charity you wish to search for, second time around, followed by a click on, "Search" and your entry will appear on the screen.

Should you require any amendments doing to your Charity Library Website Entry in future, go to the Charity Library Website again, but this time, click on the link, "Contact Us", this will allow you to send us details of the alterations, you would like to have carried out, which we will update accordingly, each time for you. 


It would be helpful if you could keep an eye on your Charity Library Website Entry, to see if it requires updating and if so, please let us know in the normal way, by sending us any alterations and they will be updated accordingly.  If you are a charity, which is currently listed on the Charity Library Website, why not do us a favour, by letting us know about other charities, who you think would benefit from being listed on our site, using Word of Mouth, then get them to register in the normal way.

We would appreciate it, if you are sent an E-mail Invite to register on the Charity Library Website, to tick the Black Box when you click the link, "Add Your Charity IT's FREE", also not to send any Newsletters about your charity, in return, submissions only please, not manually, by clicking on the link, "Contact Us", but by clicking on the link, "Add Your Charity IT's FREE" and your entry will be added to the database, however, if you wish to have a Website Link added to our Useful Links Page, we can arrange that, "Free of Charge", just send us a request at your convenience.


If you are a charity from somewhere around the world, who speak a different language, other than English, it would be appreciated if you could submit your information in English, should you wish to register your charity on the Charity Library Website, so we can understand your requirements at the same time.